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High Purity Water Solutions

Fast and reliable deionized water tank exchange service with offsite regeneration, industrial RO systems, and high-purity water system maintenance for a wide range of industrial applications across the Southwest.

Reliable Pure Water Solutions That Won’t Let Your Business Down.
Service you can count on

Over 6,000 companies trust our ultra-pure industrial water solutions.

Puretec provides water treatment solutions that transform incoming city water into highly purified deionized water suitable for hundreds of industrial applications across dozens of industries in the Southwestern United States.

Deionized Water on Demand

Maintain consistent deionized (DI) water without any chemicals or wastewater output. Zero upfront capital cost, cancel anytime, and easily scalable for maximum flexibility. We provide fast next day delivery service and options for remote monitoring and auto-bank switching to make sure that you never run out of deionized water for your production needs.

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery and same day emergency service is standard for all deionized tank deliveries and service calls. We are built for speed because we know that you are depending on us 24/7

Cancel Anytime

Our promise to you is that if we do not provide the service that you expect, then you can cancel at any time. You deserve the freedom to leave a vendor if they are not able to deliver!

Comprehensive High-Purity Water Solutions

If you require ultra-pure deionized water for use as a rinse, ingredient, or thermal transfer at your facility, then we can install and maintain the right system for you. If for some reason we can’t help you, then we’ll help you find someone who can.

Industries We Serve

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Power lines at dusk.


Water is critical to the operation of a power plant. Power plants require water of varying purity for boiler feed, for cooling tower make-up and other plant needs.

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Solar Panels

Elevating Solar Panel Performance with High Purity Water Solutions Puretec is your trusted partner in delivering high purity water solutions […]

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Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing plant with industrial water systems.

Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing

Billions of gallons of water are consumed every day in Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing. Whether used for steam production, raw product make-up, cooling water or utility needs, high quality clean water is critical to plant operation, uptime, and yield.

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Beverage bottling plant

Food, Dairy and Beverage

Without water there would be no food to eat, no beverages to drink. The Food and Beverage industry uses vast amounts of water as ingredient make-up to manufacture consistent, repeatable, safe products in a highly regulated environment. Water is also used for rinsing/cleaning, sanitization, and plant utility needs.

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Pharmaceutical technician measuring dosages.

Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Water is a critical component of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. High quality purified water is required for ingredient processing, device manufacturing, water for injection, laboratory use and general utility needs.

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Technician examining microelectronics.


Microelectronics is an ever-evolving industry and ultrapure water (UPW) is critical to achieve the yields required to meet the market demands for complex computers, sophisticated military weaponry and everyday products such as televisions and cell phones. 24/7/365 manufacturing is standard, and downtime is unacceptable.

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Engineer examining vehicle in a manufacturing setting.

General Manufacturing

From rinsing and washing of components to cooling of processes to use as a dilution medium in product make-up and for utility use, water is an important component of many general manufacturing processes.

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Products that use highly specialized ingredient water.

Ingredient Water

Water is used as a diluting agent to manufacture many products.

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Scientists monitoring agricultural project.


We all know that without water, we wouldn’t have food to sustain life. In agriculture, water is used to grow fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco, cannabis, and many other plant-based products.

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A reliable source of high purity water designed specifically for your needs.

We provide a full spectrum of water deionization services for ultra-pure water applications ranging from large steam turbines to validated pharmaceutical systems. Independent and privately held, we offer experienced 24/7 local support and unmatched quality to ensure that you have a continuous and reliable source of high purity water when you need it.


All deliveries and inquiries are handled within 24 hours


Number of years as a Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Safety Award Recipient


Customer satisfaction rating

We had a problem with our RODI system and originally thought it was Puretec’s fault. Their management took accountably and focused on solving the issue. We later found out it was our fault for the system failure and I really respect Puretec for not playing the blame game and just focusing on solving the problem quickly.

Arizona Semiconductor Fab

With Puretec, we have one less thing to worry about. They are fast, reliable, and I feel like they really care about us.

Nevada Power Plant

We experienced 20 to 50% higher yield rates with Puretec’s mobile DI trailers compared to our previous provider. We also appreciate the standard design, remote monitoring and super friendly drivers who really take ownership and provide a white glove delivery and hookup.

California Refinery

A Place Where You Can Just Be Yourself

If you believe in doing the right thing, showing people you care, and taking care of customers with a sense of urgency, then you should consider a career with Puretec. We promise to provide a home that allows you the freedom to be yourself. We are proud to be a certified “Great Place to Work” and encourage you to look at our Glassdoor reviews!

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Puretec has strategically located facilities in the Southwest to provide immediate service for your high purity water needs.

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