SL Series

Provides a compact design and economical ultraviolet (UV) water treatment for lowflow disinfection applications.

SL Series

These compact and economical units are used for low-flow applications such as laboratory and medical facility water, life sciences pharmaceutical make-up process, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops.

The SL-1 and MP-2-SL models can be configured for TOC reduction or ozone destruction applications.

The Aquafine Corporation SL Series consists of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304 stainless steel control panel in one integral unit. All units come complete with a standard Running Time Meter.

Flowrates: 1-20gpm @ 94%UVT, 1-24gpm @ 99%UVT
Applications: Disinfection
Markets: Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Microeletronics

  • Lamp status indicator
  • Single-ended (SE) lamps/high purity quartz
  • All models are CE and UL Listed

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