DP Series DI Recirculator

DP Series Recirculators are distribution and deionization polishing systems.

LRW & LRS Series DI Recirculator

The systems offer a complete package including re-pressurization pump, pre/post filtration, bacteria destruct UV, optional TOC destruct UV, PLC Controlled and on-board water quality monitor. Standard product water flow rates from 5-50 gallons per minute and offered in schedule 80 PVC or Polypropylene.


  • Quick delivery
  • Minimal field installation required
  • PLC controlled with available alarms
  • Seismic zone 4 compliant
  • Custom configurations available


  • Duplex distribution pumps
  • TOC destruct UV sterilizer
  • Rapid installation kit
  • Polypropylene plumbing material

Puretec Industrial Water provides a complete line of water treatment services and parts across California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.