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Di Water Bottle

1 Gallon of ASTM Type II Deionized Water

The water is bottled from an 18 megaohm recirculating loop that includes reverse osmosis, ion exchange and UV bacteria reduction. The initial water source is not from distillation. Due to atmospheric contamination during bottling (CO2 converts to carbonic acid and lowers resistivity) this product is suitable for Type II, III or IV applications. 

This product is not intended for food, beverage, medical, or human consumption applications.

  • This product ships within 24 hours 
  • The Shelf Life is 24 months (Dependent on storage conditions) 
  • Not manufactured from distilled water 
  • We cannot accept returns but orders can be canceled if done so before the product has shipped

$18.95 / each 

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ASTM Standards for Laboratory Reagent Water (ASTM D1193-91)
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

Measurement (Unit)Type IType IIType IIIType IV
Resistivity (MΩ-cm)> 18> 1> 4> 0.2 (200KΩ)
Conductivity< 0.056< 1< 0.25< 5.0
pH at 25ºCN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) ppb or µg/L< 50< 50< 200N/A
Sodium (ppb or µg/L)< 1< 5< 10< 50
Chloride (ppb or µg/L)< 1< 5< 10< 50
Silica (ppb or µg/L)< 3< 3< 500N/A

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