Point of Use Polisher Water Purification System

The Point of Use (POU) Polish water system provides up to 14 liters per minute of ultrapure, Type 1 quality water from the dispenser to your point of use.

Point of Use Polisher Water Purification System

The system is designed for laboratory media and reagent prep or the preparation of microbiological buffers. Puretec's system can supply you with water the you need, when you need it.

System Features

  • Type 1 water quality (up to 18.2 megohm)
  • Flow rates up to 14 1lpm (3.7 gpm)
  • Dual Wavelength UV sterilization
  • High capacity, low TOC cartridges
  • Simple cartridge/ filter change-out
  • Easy Sanitization
  • Space saving wall-mountable design

General Description

  • The Puretec Pou-polish water system is a compact, customizable, point-of-use water polishing system. The system is designed to meet Type 1 ultra-pure water specifications (up to 18.2 MΩ cm @ 25 °C) with flow rates up to 14 1lpm (3.7 gpm) of pretreated water.
  • The Pou-polish system is a wall or skid mountable unit that requires a minimal footprint for installation.
  • The Pou-polish system is delivered fully assembled and functionally tested.
  • Cartridges will need to be purchased separately and should be installed after the system has been safely mounted.
  • The system is available in three configurations: Low TOC; Low bacteria; and Low pyrogen models.
  • The Pou-polish System includes a panel mounted Thornton Resistivity Monitor: The Thornton resistivity monitor is calibrated from factory, and can be field calibrated thereafter. Alarm set points are programmable, and connected to an audible alarm.

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