Power Generation

For over a quarter of a century, Puretec has been a leading resource for water treatment equipment.

Puretec takes pride in supplying reliable and cost-effective solutions on behalf of power generation plants in the Southwest. We understand that performance and design must meet the operating rigors of power generation facilities in a variety of environments. Our systems are designed to provide years of continued service with minimal maintenance at locations from exploration platforms in the open ocean to the dry arid climates of the desert.

Reliable Solutions For

  • Condensate Makeup
  • Condensate Polishing
  • Inlet Air Conditioning
  • Power Augmentation (SPRINT)
  • NOX
  • Turbine Wash


  • Multimedia Filtration
  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Containerized Reverse Osmosis
  • Portable Exchange Demineralizers
  • Mobile Demineralizers
  • EDI


  • Multiple regeneration facilities
  • A fleet of mobile demineralizers, ready year around, that can be deployed in a matter of hours.
  • Mobile reverse osmosis equipment
  • Centralized performance monitoring using real-time remote monitoring systems embedded in our equipment
  • Highly trained maintenance technicians available on a around the clock basis
  • Engineers ready to meet the challenges of your facilities' needs
  • A fleet of well-maintained service and delivery vehicles with location tracking

Puretec Industrial Water provides a complete line of water treatment services and parts across California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.