Puretec Industrial Water and Global Water Bring Clean Water to Sierra Leone

OXNARD, California (May 8, 2012) – Oxnard based water treatment company, Puretec Industrial Water and Global Water, an international humanitarian organization, partnered to drill a well and bring clean water to the Serabu Village in Sierra Leone, western Africa.

Global Water

Right now, over a billion people on the planet drink unsafe water, affecting one in six of us. Puretec Industrial Water and Global Water have collaborated together for many years supporting water and sanitation projects in developing countries throughout the world. Their most recent initiative involved drilling a well in the southern region of Sierra Leone for the people of Serabu. By providing a new, safe water supply, this well has had a life changing impact on 1,000 community members that live in the surrounding area. The well not only provides a protected source of clean water, but also alleviates the daily burden for women and small children to walk in search of water for their family. This chore is intensely laborious, requiring long hours to carry a heavy container in addition to being vulnerable to assault by men and animals.

Sierra Leone has been considered by the UN one of the world's "least livable" countries because of poverty and poor quality of life. Something as simple as getting clean drinking water is a huge problem there, heavily affecting rural parts of the country. According to data compiled by the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program, 65% of the rural population of Sierra Leone do not have access to a safe water source, instead relying on contaminated surface water.

Puretec owner, Jed Harris, understands the fundamental importance of safe water and effective sanitation in preventing disease, alleviating hunger and allowing individuals and communities to emerge from poverty. By working with Global Water, his company has been able to spread awareness of water problems in developing countries as well as work towards real solutions.

Together, these two local groups are changing the world, one village at a time. For more information on Global Water, visit GlobalWater.org

Global Water

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