MHC Series Water Softener

The MHC Series water softener system is designed to effectively meet the rigorous demands of institutional and industrial facilities where high flow rates and hardness capacities are required.

MHC Series Water Softener

The standard, all-steel exterior design will be reliable for many years of service. A modular platform allows for single, twin, or triplex tank designs to be easily configured to meet the exact flow requirements matched with the incoming water quality. Numerous custom engineered options are available to meet most specifications.

Standard Features

  • Carbon steel resin tanks with epoxy-lined interior
  • Water actuated diaphragm style control valves (3" & 4")
  • Air actuated butterfly style control valves (6" & 8")
  • Volume and/or time initiated regeneration cycle
  • Polyethylene brine tank assembly with injector
  • Sodium form cation exchange resin
  • Inlet/Outlet tank sampling valves
  • Water hardness testing kit
  • Factory Hydro-tested at 100 psig

Materials of Construction

  • Resin Tanks: Carbon steel with Safety Blue exterior paint
  • Tank Lining: NSF 61 rated epoxy coating
  • Exterior Piping: Galvanized steel pipe & cast iron fittings
  • Internal Distributors: Sch 80 PVC/ABS
  • Control Valves: Painted cast iron body


  • Marlo MX-III electronic system controller
  • Time or metered control with bypass for single tank
  • Alternating or parallel progressive metered control for twin and triple tank units
  • NEMA-4X electrical enclosures
  • Signet paddle-type flow sensors
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges

Operating Parameters

  • Inlet Pressure: 30-100 psig
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 1-Ph, 60Hz
  • Temperature: 35-110 °F


Skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired systems
ASME code stamped resin tanks
Allen-Bradley PLC systems
Remote communication to BMS
Alternate water meter types
Brine silo and/or brine pump systems
PVC or CPVC exterior piping
Copper or Stainless steel exterior piping
Stainless steel internal distributor piping
Seismic zone rated systems
Butterfly control valves (for 3" & 4" systems)
'SRS' Salt Recycling Systems
Online hardness monitor

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