Avista® Membrane Treatment Solutions

A comprehensive approach determines the right chemicals required to maximize the reliability and productivity of membrane systems.

Avista® Membrane Treatment Solutions

Puretec carries the full range of Avista® membrane chemicals, supported by technical and laboratory services to provide a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of site-specific challenges. This analysis provides a clear strategy to solve customer issues and properly apply the right chemicals. Once Avista chemicals are applied, ongoing data normalization is used to validate chemical performance and set cleaning procedures. Following this approach, we drive operator confidence and help to achieve peak system performance.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

To understand and assess system requirements, the Puretec Technical support team audits operating conditions, performance objectives, infrastructure constraints, pre / post treatment, and membrane condition. The results of the audit are used as a basis for product selection and a recommended support package to achieve customers goals.

Puretec Technical Engineers work with customers to maintain and improve system performance. We use the results of modeling and autopsies to adjust system configuration and work closely with operational staff during process upsets.

Puretec uses the Avista Membrane Autopsy service to target specific customer challenges. Avista's Chromatic Elemental Imagingsm (CEI) is used for accurate, high resolution imaging that identifies the exact location and concentration of elements in a foulant sample. CEI is excellent for analyzing mixed foulant samples when other analytical tools provide limited results. The Avista technical team reviews operating data and cleaning strategies prior to membrane disassembly, inspection, and comprehensive scientific analysis. Avista provides Puretec the autopsy findings and recommendations to help identify any operational or system changes. On larger membrane plants we encourage proactive membrane autopsies to establish a baseline membrane condition which can be monitored over time.

Another service offered by Puretec is the Avista® Black Box. This is a proprietary, stand-alone troubleshooting and monitoring device that replicates membrane performance without interrupting the operation of the fullscale system.

Puretec uses Avista Advisor™Ci to calculate the saturation potential of a feed water based on the free concentration of ions to provide an accurate Avista membrane chemical projection that maximizes system recovery and optimizes cost. Used in combination with hydraulic software provided by specific membrane manufacturers, Avista Advisor™Ci helps to find the optimum balance between key performance design parameters and chemical consumption.

Avista® Membrane Chemicals

Puretec carries the Avista® product range which specifically targets contaminants that would otherwise impact system operation. All products are membrane compatibility tested and dosed using Avista Advisor™Ci software.

Below is a full list of product categories available globally and/or regionally. Please contact a Puretec representative to check local availability.

Vitec® Antiscalants

Scaling can drastically reduce system performance and the abrasive scale deposits may cause irreversible damage to the rejecting membrane surface.

Specific programs against precipitation of salts, e.g. based on:
  • Calcium and magnesium hardness deposits
  • Calcium phosphate and calcium fluoride
  • Calcium, barium, and strontium sulphate
  • Iron oxide
  • Silica and manganese
Phosphorus-containing and phosphorus-free treatments:
  • In dependence of local legislation
Products certified to NSF/ANSI 60:
  • Preparation of drinking water
Avista Antiscalants offered by Puretec:
  • Vitec 5100
  • Vitec 3000
  • Vitec 4000
  • Vitec 7000

RoClean® Membrane Cleaners

Cleaning membranes in RO systems removes mineral scale, organic matter, biological growth, colloidal particles, and/or insoluble constituents which build on or in a membrane element.

Specific cleaners for different types of deposits or contamination:
  • Optimized combinations of complexants, alkali, caustic soda, potassium hydroxide, anionic and non-ionic
  • Alkaline and/or enzymatic cleaners
  • Products certified to NSF/ANSI 60 for the preparation of drinking water
Avista Membrane Cleaners offered by Puretec:
  • RoClean L403
  • RoClean P303
  • RoClean P111
  • RoClean P112

RoCide® Biocides

Biological fouling of RO membranes is one of the most challenging issues faced by operators of polyamide membrane separation systems. This is because effective biocides must be non-oxidizing to avoid permanent damage of the polyamide membrane.

Biocides and disinfectants:
  • Fast acting biocides
  • Environmentally friendly non-oxidizing biocides
  • Chlorine and oxidizing biocide removers
  • Products to protect the membrane from the attack of aggressive biocides
Avista Biocides offered by Puretec:
  • RoCide DB20


Colloids and silt fouling are major causes of performance decline in RO membrane systems. As a result, many system designs include upstream Multimedia Filtration (MMF) to enhance particulate removal and improve the feedwater quality to downstream membrane systems.

Membrane compatible coagulants:
  • Improve efficiency of MMF equipment by increasing particulate removal
  • Provide a higher quality feedwater to downstream membrane systems
  • Reduced cleaning frequencies
  • Increased system run times
Avista Coagulants offered by Puretec:
  • RoQuest 3000
  • RoQuest 4000

AntiChlor® Chlorine Scavenger

Membranes can last for days or years depending on the care they receive. Chlorine in feedwater can permanently damage membranes, requiring them to be replaced.

  • Unique formulations to remove free and combined chlorine from RO system feedwaters
  • Protect membranes from oxidation damage
  • Certified for use in systems producing potable water
  • Odorless and stabilized to prevent off-gassing, making it ideal for indoor installations
Avista Chlorine Scavengers offered by Puretec:
  • AntiChlor 427

AvistaClean® MF Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration Cleaners

MF/UF specialty formulations:
  • Applied in place of generic cleaners
  • Or as a periodic recovery cleaner between cleanings with generics
Avista MF/UF offered by Puretec:
  • AvistaClean MF1000
  • AvistaClean MF1000A
  • AvistaClean MF3000

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