Chemical Feed: Dual Containment Tank Systems

Puretec tanks are available in a wide range of sizes—from 5 to 500 gallon capacities.

Chemical Feed: Dual Containment Tank Systems

Our tanks come standard with vented twist lid, pump suction pick up port, return drain built into pump mounting shelf and connection fittings standard on dome top. Common accessories include at-a-glance visual float gauge, quick coupler dry brake fill adapter, pump, and more.


  • All tanks made from LDPE SD 1.5
  • Pump pick-up tube port—Install pump suction line with check valve quickly and easily. Once installed, tank contents are sealed from outside environment.
  • Durable dual wall construction—Standard tanks rated 1.5 SPG, "Tank in a Tank" design for instances where primary tank fails, the chemical will be safely contained in secondary tank.
  • Standard secondary tank leak detection port—for optional leak detection alarm.
  • Integral pump mounting platform—Lid has 240 pound rating allowing for use with metering pump or mixer mounted directly to tank dome. Models with sump reservoir collects and drains liquid back to primary.
  • Integral mouse door—Molded directly into most models, recessed mouse door allows for inexpensive installation of optional bottom bulkhead fitting for flooded suction connection or bottom fill.


  • Linear polyethylene (LDPE) construction. Polypropylene (PPL), XLPE and PVDF available—Superior chemical resistance for acids, caustics, sodium hypochlorite, biocides, etc. Handles aggressive applications that stainless steel will not.
  • All of our tanks meet or exceed the EPA’s requirements for secondary containment under 49-CFR.
  • NSF/ANSI 61 compliant.

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