Metering Pumps

The DDA can not only inject chemicals and verify injection; it can also measure valuable data such as flow or pressure.

Metering Pumps

The pump can diagnose the operation status based on the relationship between the diaphragm displacement and the pressure inside the head. The pump is so smart it can tell you if there are air bubbles inside the head. Thanks to its impressive logic capabilities, the DDA can make decisions to display and/or correct failures such as overpressure, valve leaks or air bubbles.

Smooth and Continuous Dosing

Ensures an optimum mixing ratio at the injection point without the need for additional accessories, such as static mixers. It also provides significant reduction of pressure peaks, preventing mechanical stress on wearing parts such as diaphragm, tubing, and connections, resulting in less maintenance required.

Full Stroke Length at All Times

The pump always operates at full stroke length, irrespective of the capacity set; this ensures maximum volume displacement per stroke, optimum accuracy, easy priming and improved suction.

Up to 3000:1 Turndown Ratio

The range is designed to give you superior flexibility and accuracy even when dosing very small volumes.

Maximum Capacity Setting

With the DDA series you decide what the maximum capacity should be. You can select any value within the performance range of each model and the pump will redefine the injection speed and adjust the operation scale within that range. So you only need a few models to cover multiple applications -.

Anti-Cavitation / SlowMode

The variable speed of DDA pumps facilitates a unique anti-cavitation function for high viscosity liquids. This function provides slower suction speed (50 or 25% of the maximum speed), ensuring optimal priming and pumping of even the most difficult liquids.

Flow Monitoring

The DDA FCM pump can precisely measure and display the actual dosing flow. Via the analog 4–20 mA output, the actual flow signal can easily be integrated in any process control system, with out needing additional measurement equipment.

Pressure Monitoring

The integrated pressure sensor measures the actual pres- sure of the system, which is shown in the display. In case of an overpressure situation, the pump will stop injecting, generate an alarm on the display, and trigger a relay. The pressure can also be monitored via the 4-20mA signal output.

Auto Flow Adapt

The DDA FCM pump can recognize pressure fluctuations on the discharge line and adapt the speed to compensate the injection, maintaining a constant feeding set point.

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