MFS Series Media Filter Systems

The 'MFS' Series automatic backwashing media filter system is designed to provide the highest quality in water filtration equipment while covering a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications including turbidity reduction, iron removal, and chlorine removal.

MFS Series Media Filter Systems

A broad range of filter media and component options are offered to fit your exact specifications.

'MID' Multi-Media Filters

High efficiency, in-depth filter system using a layered media bed of anthracite, silica sand, and two grades of garnet for excellent filtration down to the order of 5-10 micron.

'MZA' Natural Zeolite Filters

An alternative, single media approach to traditional multi-media filters that achieves a finer filtration to 3-5 micron with longer service run times.

'MGA' Iron Removal Filters

Filter system capable of reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide using manganese greensand filter media.

'ACA' Carbon Filters

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is designed for the reduction of chlorine, taste, odor, and dissolved organic material from municipal and industrial water supplies.

Materials of Construction

  • Media Tanks: Carbon steel with Safety Blue exterior paint
  • Tank Lining: NSF 61 rated epoxy coating
  • Exterior Piping: Galvanized steel pipe & cast iron fittings
  • Internal Distributors: Sch 80 PVC/ABS
  • Control Valves: Painted cast iron body

Standard Equipment/Features

  • MX-II electronic system controller
  • Timer initiated backwash cycle
  • Water activated diaphragm style control valves
  • NEMA-4X electrical enclosures (FRP)
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges and sampling valves
  • Factory Hydro-tested at 100 psig

Operating Parameters

  • Inlet Pressure: 30-100 psig
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 1-Ph, 60Hz
  • Temperature: 35-110 °F


Skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired systems
Differential pressure switch backwash cycle
Multiple tank parallel configurations
ASME code stamped resin tanks
Allen-Bradley PLC systems
PVC or CPVC exterior face-piping (PVC standard for filters with 6" service)
Copper or Stainless steel exterior face-piping
Stainless steel internal distributor piping
Seismic zone rated systems
Butterfly control valves (air operated; standard for filters with 6" service)
Air-scour backwash system
Steam / hot water sanitizable carbon filters
Alternate filter media (Birm, Filter-AG, Calcite)

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