Mobile DI Trailers

Mobile Demineralizer Trailers provide deionized / demineralized water for large water flow applications with ultra low silica levels specifically designed for the power industry.

Mobile DI Truck and Demineralizer Trailer

Mobile Demineralizer (DI Water) Trailers (also referred to as RTD's or Rubber Tire Demineralizers) provide a reliable supply of high quality demineralized water for nearly any application. Puretec has been providing Mobile DI Water solutions for decades on behalf of various industries, helping our clients focus on their core business, without the worry and concerns associated with on-site waste generation, handling hazardous chemicals and without the need for a large capital investment.

With our new Mobile DI Trailer fleet and strict quality control standards, we are able to respond to nearly any Mobile DI Water requirement. Our Mobile DI Trailers are designed to be extremely flexible to meet nearly any treated water need. Our mobile trailers and can be equipped with a DCS interface for remote monitoring.

Mobile DI Sketch

Each Mobile DI Trailer includes systems to protect against power failure, excess pressure, and out of spec water conditions. Trailer insulation and an optional internal space heater are also available for colder climates. Our mobile DI trailer solution team is backed by experienced process, mechanical and chemical engineers who are available to assist our customers with their service needs.

Mobile DI Trailers

Typical Uses

  • Plant Commissioning
  • Capacity Expansions
  • Zero Discharge Applications
  • Interim Use
  • Process Water Changes
  • Scheduled Shutdowns
  • Emergency Water Needs


Nominal Exchange Capacity (kgr) 8,000+
Flow Rate (gpm) min/max 50/400
Inlet Pressure (psig) min/max 40/80
Inlet/Outlet Connections 2-1/2" Minimum
Weight (lbs) shipping/operating 60,845/82,302
Dimensions–L x W x H 53' x 8.5' x 13.5'
Trailer Electrical Requirements (2) 115 V, single phase, 60 hz, 10 amps
Instrumentation Conductivity on feed and effluent; flow indicator and flow totalizer; pressure gauges and quality sample ports.
Typical Water Service Quality Conductivity 0.056 µS Silica Leakage < 10 ppb

*Based on a 1 µS/cm end point

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