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Deionized (DI) Water Tank Delivery Service

Our DI tank exchange service with offsite regeneration is designed to offer you peace of mind by eliminating the need for onsite chemical handling and waste discharge. Any flow rate or quality requirement can be met and tank delivery is lightning fast with standard next-day delivery or same day for emergencies.

At Puretec Industrial Water, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality deionized water (DI) solutions that cater to the specific needs of industries requiring the highest levels of water purity. Our DI tank exchange service, featuring offsite regeneration, is designed to offer you peace of mind by eliminating the need for onsite chemical handling and waste discharge.

Puretec’s DI tanks produce deionized/demineralized water with extremely low conductivity and high resistivity that can meet any industry standard, including ASTM, ISO, CLSI,and USP. No matter what your daily demand is, we have the right DI tank arrangement and experience to meet your needs. Another benefit of using DI tanks to produce deionized water is that you have zero liquid discharge at your facility since 100% of the water going into the DI tank comes out as highly purified deionized water and there is no waste.

We provide next-day delivery and a fast 24-hour response, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly with minimal interruption. We understand the critical nature of your operation and know that you need a partner who is responsive when you need service. Whether you need deionized water for a steam turbine or a validated pharmaceutical system or something in between, if you are working with Puretec you’ll have one less thing to worry about. And remember, you can cancel service at any time if you are not happy with our service.

Ion Exchange Regeneration Expertise

You Deserve Better

You are always welcome you to visit one of our three regeneration facilities to see how your ion exchange resins are regenerated and cared for. For critical high purity water systems, it’s a good idea to visit your providers regeneration facility to see where your resins are being handled. Talking to the operators and looking at the upkeep of the facility will give you a good indication of the service you can expect.


Portable DI Water Tank Service (SDI) / Demineralized Water Service

Our DI Tanks require no chemical handling or maintenance and provide a reliable source of deionized water up to 18.2 Mega-ohm resistivity. The DI Water tanks come in various sizes, ion exchange resin types and flexible configurations to meet your process water needs with many quality monitoring options available. When the DI Water tanks become exhausted they are exchanged for freshly regenerated tanks by a qualified service technician. We offer same day/next day service and are able to respond 24/7 to emergencies.

Mobile DI Water Trailers

Mobile Demineralizer Trailers provide deionized / deminerialzied water for emergency or long-term water needs. Our low silica/conductivity Mobile DI trailers are extremely flexible to meet nearly any process water needs, allowing you to focus on your core business without having to worry about on-site waste generation, handling hazardous chemicals or making an additional capital investment.