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RO Membrane Cleaning

Fouling and scaling of RO membranes will eventually happen and will result in higher operating pressures, increased costs, and diminished water quality. Recognizing the importance of timely and effective membrane cleaning, we’ve developed a comprehensive service tailored to meet the needs of industries relying on high purity water.

Why Off-site Cleaning?

Choosing off-site cleaning for your RO membranes has several advantages:

Thorough Cleaning

Our controlled environment allows for the use of specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, providing a more thorough cleaning than what typically can be achieved on-site.

Minimal Downtime

With the option to utilize our loaner membranes, your operations can continue uninterrupted, allowing for cleaning without operational setbacks.

Expert Analysis

Pre and post-cleaning tests offer insights into the cleaning process’s effectiveness, providing valuable data on membrane health and performance restoration.

When to Clean?

The need for chemical cleaning arises when noticeable shifts in system performance occur, such as:

– A significant decrease in normalized permeate flow.
– A 10 to 15% increase in the normalized pressure differential across the system.
– A 1 to 2% drop in normalized salt rejection rates.

These indicators signal the onset of fouling or scaling, which can be caused by carbonates, sulfates, silicates, metal oxides, organic matter, and biological growth. The cleaning frequency typically ranges from 3 to 12 months, depending on factors like feed water quality and system operation parameters.

Expert Support

Understanding that membrane fouling can be complex, Puretec also offers expert consultation for cases requiring specialized attention. If standard cleaning doesn’t restore expected performance levels, our team is ready to assist in diagnosing and addressing more stubborn or irreversible contaminations.

At Puretec Industrial Water, our goal is to ensure your RO system operates at peak efficiency with the highest quality water output. Through our expert off-site membrane cleaning services, we’re here to help you maximize system performance, reduce operating costs, and extend membrane life, supporting the success and reliability of your operations.

Our Cleaning Process

Puretec’s off-site cleaning process employs high-quality cleaning agents specifically chosen to combat the type of fouling present in your membranes. Whether the issue lies with inorganic scale, organic compounds, or biological matter, our cleaning regimens are tailored to ensure the best possible outcome. Here’s a glimpse into our process:

Membrane Extraction and Preparation: Our service team swaps out your membranes and places loaner membranes in your system so you can continue operation. We then transport your membranes to our off-site cleaning center where we begin with an analysis to understand the nature of the fouling and select the appropriate cleaning agents, considering factors such as dosage, pH, and temperature.

Cleaning: Our cleaning involves circulating the cleaning solution through the membranes under carefully controlled conditions, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure compatibility and prevent damage.

Monitoring: Throughout the cleaning process, we closely monitor pH levels and differential pressures, adjusting as necessary to maintain the efficacy of the cleaning agents.

Rinsing: After cleaning, membranes are thoroughly rinsed with RO permeate water to remove any residual cleaning agents, ensuring they’re ready for reuse without compromising water quality.

Testing and Reporting: Each membrane undergoes pre and post-cleaning performance testing. We provide a detailed report outlining the improvements in flow and salt rejection, offering transparency and peace of mind.