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Whether The Application Is Big Or Small, We Strive For Excellent Service And Quality.

A wide variety of industries require additional treatment of municipal water for their particular process. Whether the treated water is used as an ingredient, thermal transfer, or rinse, Puretec can provide the appropriate system to ensure the purity necessary for your application.

Power lines at dusk.


Water is critical to the operation of a power plant. Power plants require water of varying purity for boiler feed, for cooling tower make-up and other plant needs.

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Solar Panels

Elevating Solar Panel Performance with High Purity Water Solutions Puretec is your trusted partner in delivering high purity water solutions […]

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Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing plant with industrial water systems.

Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing

Billions of gallons of water are consumed every day in Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing. Whether used for steam production, raw product make-up, cooling water or utility needs, high quality clean water is critical to plant operation, uptime, and yield.

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Beverage bottling plant

Food, Dairy and Beverage

Without water there would be no food to eat, no beverages to drink. The Food and Beverage industry uses vast amounts of water as ingredient make-up to manufacture consistent, repeatable, safe products in a highly regulated environment. Water is also used for rinsing/cleaning, sanitization, and plant utility needs.

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Pharmaceutical technician measuring dosages.

Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Water is a critical component of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. High quality purified water is required for ingredient processing, device manufacturing, water for injection, laboratory use and general utility needs.

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Technician examining microelectronics.


Microelectronics is an ever-evolving industry and ultrapure water (UPW) is critical to achieve the yields required to meet the market demands for complex computers, sophisticated military weaponry and everyday products such as televisions and cell phones. 24/7/365 manufacturing is standard, and downtime is unacceptable.

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Engineer examining vehicle in a manufacturing setting.

General Manufacturing

From rinsing and washing of components to cooling of processes to use as a dilution medium in product make-up and for utility use, water is an important component of many general manufacturing processes.

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Products that use highly specialized ingredient water.

Ingredient Water

Water is used as a diluting agent to manufacture many products.

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Scientists monitoring agricultural project.


We all know that without water, we wouldn’t have food to sustain life. In agriculture, water is used to grow fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco, cannabis, and many other plant-based products.

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