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Products & Services

Everything You Need For A Reliable Source Of High Purity Water

If you are in an industry that requires ultrapure deionized water, then we have you covered. The products and technologies used for high purity water production are proven and effective – it’s the people behind the technology that makes the system reliable and effective. If you’re looking for a provider that is fast, flexible and easy to work with, then take a look at our service offerings below. We look forward to helping you solve your high purity water treatment challenges!

Deionized (DI) Water Tank Delivery Service

Deionized tank exchange service requires no chemical handling or waste neutralization. Ion exchange resins are regenerated offsite at one of our three regeneration facilities in California and Arizona. Our drivers handle all tank exchanges and offer next day/same day delivery service!

Industrial Water Softening

When it comes to soft water, there are two options: portable water softener delivery service or fixed self-regenerating softeners. The portable water softener tank exchange service is an easy way to get a reliable source of soft water. It’s ideal for places where traditional water softeners may be prohibited due to brine discharge limitations. It also prevents the need to transport/add salt bags to the brine tank and manage the regeneration cycle and system maintenance. Either option is available and we’re here to help you choose the right solution.

Parts And Consumables

RO Membranes

We carry various sizes, styles, and brands of 8” and 4” diameter reverse osmosis membranes for industrial and commercial use.

Media Replacement and Rebeds

We carry water filtration media for different types of water treatment applications, such as granular activated carbon, ion exchange resins, multimedia filter beds, calcite, and more.

Filters and Filter Housings

Whether it’s a rough filter or a sub-micron final filter, we can help you find the right filter and filter housing for your industrial water filtration needs.

Pumps and Motors

High pressure RO feedwater pumps, CIP pumps, and RO pretreatment chemical dosing pumps are critical components of an RO system. Pumps such as Feed Pumps, High-Pressure Pumps, CIP Pumps, and Dosing Pumps play critical roles in achieving optimal performance from an RO system

Storage Tanks and Accessories

Durable high-capacity water storage tanks and accessories such as air vent filters and level sensors for indoor/outdoor storage of high purity water.

Chemical Feeders

Chemical feed pumps used for injecting anti-scalant, sodium bisulfite, coagulants, and other chemicals as part of the RO pretreatment process.

Ultraviolet Systems and Components

A full range of UV treatment systems and spare components such as UV lamps, ballasts, and quartz sleeves that offer seamless integration into your existing setup.

Water Monitors and Controls

High purity water systems often utilize monitors and controls such as conductivity/resistivity sensors, total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers, UV intensity meters, and microbial detection systems to ensure water meets stringent quality standards essential for critical applications.