Hot weather poses challenges for refinery plants that depend on producing high-quality water. Rising temperatures can increase the temperature of feed water, affecting the efficiency of cooling systems and potentially compromising water quality standards. A Northern California refinery was at risk of experiencing operational disruptions due to hot weather. Puretec provided emergency mobile deionization trailers to help a large refinery address drastic changes in feed water quality.


The Challenge: Drastic Changes in Feed Water Quality Threatened a Refinery 

In Northern California, a large refinery faced significant operational hurdles. They struggled to maintain water production through seasonal changes because hot weather increased cooling tower evaporation. The refinery relied on feed water which experienced turbidity and an influx of organic materials during certain seasons. These changes strained the existing water treatment infrastructure. It impacted pretreatment equipment and compromised the reliability and quality of the reverse osmosis (RO) process. As a result, the refinery struggled to maintain its water production capacity, facing potential disruptions.

The Solution: Emergency Mobile Deionization Trailers

The refinery faced an emergency situation and needed an immediate solution. Recognizing this urgent need for a solution, Puretec responded swiftly. Within 24 hours, Puretec deployed 630 cubic foot, 10 million grain emergency Mobile Deionization trailers capable of treating 200 gallons per minute (gpm) of feed water. This emergency measure effectively supplemented the refinery’s RO system. It ensured uninterrupted water production despite the challenges posed by fluctuating water quality. Temporary 45 cubic foot carbon service vessels were also installed to further enhance filtration capabilities and address issues of organics and color.

Effective and On-Demand

The rapid deployment of Puretec’s mobile water treatment solutions proved highly effective. By promptly addressing the refinery’s immediate needs, production disruptions were averted, and operational continuity was maintained. As seasonal water quality issues gradually resolved, Puretec’s equipment was seamlessly disconnected, allowing the refinery to revert to its in-house water purification processes.

Long-Term Success and Future Support

The success of the emergency intervention led to increased client satisfaction and solidified Puretec’s role as a trusted partner. The refinery extended its contract with Puretec to continue providing support, recognizing the reliability and effectiveness of their solutions during critical periods. Furthermore, Puretec expanded their scope to provide similar water treatment support for the customer’s other facilities in Southern California. The client recognized Puretec’s capability to meet diverse and demanding industrial water treatment needs.

The Result: Immediate Resolution and Continued Collaboration


The case of the northern California refinery highlights the crucial role of adaptable and responsive water treatment solutions in maintaining industrial operations. Puretec’s swift deployment of mobile treatment units not only resolved immediate challenges but also paved the way for long-term collaboration. Puretec ensured the refinery’s resilience against future water quality fluctuations. This successful partnership serves as a testament to the importance of proactive and effective water management strategies in industrial settings.