Desalitech ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

Desalitech's ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis systems can be used for all of the same applications as traditional reverse osmosis and much more.

Desalitech ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

Built with patented Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis™ (CCRO) technology, all Desalitech systems can reach up to 98% water recovery, guaranteed, and are only limited by water chemistry.


Standard Features

  • Maximum Recovery—Guaranteed
  • Patented high recovery, low fouling/scaling, low energy performance
  • Adjustable recovery—up to 98%
  • Automatic response to feed variations
  • Premium brackish water RO membranes
  • Programmable logic controller with remote monitoring and control functionality
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • NSF-certified components

Operating Parameters

  • Adjustable Recovery: 75-98%
  • Rejection: 95.0-99.5%
  • Adjustable Flux: 6-25 gfd (10-42 lmh)
  • Feed TDS 0-10,000 mg/L
  • Temperature: 36-113F (2-45C)
  • Max Pressure: 450 psi (31 bar)
  • Inlet Pressure: 10-60 psi (0.8-4.0 bar)


  • High-pressure piping—316SS Sch.10
  • Low-pressure piping—PVC Sch.80
  • Frame - Epoxy painted carbon steel
  • Enclosure—Nema 4
  • Clamps/Braces—Galvanized steel
  • Housings FRP, 316SS ports
  • Membrane Elements—TFC

Membrane Options

  • 440 ft2 (std), 400 ft2 or 365 ft2
  • 28 mil feed spacer (std) or 34 mil
  • Low energy or high rejection


Ultra-filtration or multi-media filtration
Clean-in-Place (CIP) and flushing systems
Mixed-bed permeate polishing
Transfer pumps
Storage tanks

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