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N1 Series Reverse Osmosis

N1-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed as a competitive solution for capacities ranging from 2,000–10,000 gallons per day.

N1 Series Reverse Osmosis

Ideal for water purification of private residences, restaurants, cafés, car washes, hydroponics, misting and more.


  • Capacities from 2,000–10,000 GPD
  • Fully Equipped and Customizable
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Most economical RO system available
  • Individually Tested and Preserved

Standard Features

  • AX–5000 Computer Controller
  • Permeate Flow Meter
  • Concentrate Flow Meter with Stainless Steel Needle Valve
  • Concentrate Recycle Flow Meter with Stainless Steel Needle Valve
  • Pre-Filter, 0–100 Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Gauges
  • Pump Discharge, 0–300psi Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled Gauges
  • Conductivity Sensor
  • Chemical Injection Port and Electrical Connection
  • HF4-Series Membrane Elements

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