RO Membrane Cleaning

Puretec Industrial Water provides expert off-site RO membrane cleaning to improve system performance and help extend the productive life of the membranes.

RO Membrane Cleaning

All Reverse Osmosis membranes will require periodic cleaning due to fouling and/or scaling of the RO membrane that occurs over time as the membrane continues to reject impurities from the feed water. The result is higher operating pressures, higher operating costs, less output and poorer quality. For a typical Reverse Osmosis system, membrane cleaning is required every 3 to 12 months depending on the application. If periodic cleaning is not performed then standard cleanings may not provide effective results.

Offsite membrane cleaning has been proven to be the most effective method of cleaning RO membranes. Puretec specializes in off-site membrane cleaning using an effective cleaning regiment with high quality cleaning solutions to help bring your membranes back to near new performance. All RO membranes are pre and post-tested and a complete cleaning report is provided to our customers upon delivery showing how effective the cleaning was in restoring flow and salt rejection.

We can also help remove your existing RO membranes if needed and provide loaner membranes for use while your membranes are being cleaned.

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